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Verizon Just Requested For $1 Billion Deduction From Yahoo’s Deal

Verizon, who has initially agreed to purchase Yahoo for $4.8 Billion, the deal was dusted and agreed on. After some time, Verizon is now asking Yahoo to deduct the some of $1 Billion discount, according to recent reports.


It has Just been two weeks ago that Yahoo made it known to the whole world that half a Billion was stolen in 2014 hack, marking it as the biggest data breach in history.



Based on what happened, (AOL CEO Tim Armstrong), who runs the Verizon subsidiary, is just angry about the whole issue, and as well as Yahoo’s lack of disclosure, which they are even seeking to pull out of the deal completely or reducing the price tag on the deal, the New York Post claimed.

Verizon and Yahoo are still yet to comment on the matter.


Know it that Verizon just announced the Yahoo acquisition deal back in July, with the sole interest of joining it with AOL. The company yet to make a bold step as they are just thinking combining Yahoo and AOL to form a third force to compete with Almighty Google and Facebook for digital advertising.

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