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Camon C8 Runs Andriod 6.0 Marshmallow.

Tecno Camon C8!

Camon c8  users should be aware that  Android 6.0 Marshmallow had been officially rolled out for your Tecno Camon C8 , stay calm you will get the full details on  how to Download and Install the Marshmallow update easily without wasting  much of your time.
Note that there are Two different ways to flash the Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your Tecno Camon C8.

The two ways are at follows;

1. Via OTA (Over the Air)  this method is highly preferable,  because it’s being sent to you from either Google or the phone producer,  just go  to your Settings …. About…. And tap  the System Updates. bear it in mind that the only wrong thing about this  OTA updates is  just that  they are  been sent out to everyone’s phone; one after the other, and this   takes  time to be distributed unless you’re among the  lucky once to receive it first, you will just have  to wait for your turn, for those that can not wait for that long, you just have to try the NO.2 formular.

2.  Manual Flashing This is done  using the SP Flashtools, because its a powerful PC Software for MTK device  when using your normal Memory SD card.

 we will be using  our memory cards to do this till we probably find a way  using the SP Flashtool , although we feel using memory card is much better than flashtool software itself.
The full instruction  and details are at follows below;Camon c8Make sure that you unroot  your phone  before going on with the upgrading, this will save it from  bootloop issues.

How you can manually install Andriod Marsmallow for Tecno camon C8.

1. you just have to  Download the Tecno C8 Marshmallow update here (867MB)
just make sure your Internet is fast.

2. Place the downloaded file  in Tcard update 20160415 on root of your SD Card .

3.  charge your battery very well and  Now Switch off  your Tecno Camon C8.

4.  you will Enter boot menu , to do this …..just  press and hold Power button + volume up button until you see a start up logo, then  let go the Power Button Only when you see an Android logo.

5. you will also hold Power Button for 2 seconds and then press Volume Up button without letting go of the power button until you see the image Benet.

6. you will make  Use the volume keys to bring it down  to where you will  see Apply Update from SD card. Once you  have seen the option, select it using the Power button.

7. Use the Volume Down to move it  to Tcard update 20160415 then select it with the Power Button

8. It will begin to install.




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