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Exchange Your Samsung Note 7 for Another Galaxy And Receive $100 Bonus

Samsung company has just Been in trouble this few month ever since the launching of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 considering the fact that the phone has cost more harm with in the space of time. Main looking at all this, Samsung company has just decided to rectify the issue by offering some amount of money to whom ever swaps his galaxy note 7 for another Samsung product.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 double-recall hasn’t just been an embarrassment for the company. It could cause a catastrophic drop in revenue, The cost of the recall itself has been estimated at up to $2 billion, while the complete disappearance of the Note 7 from Samsung’s product lineup could hit revenue by as much as $17 billion.




Based on the report from the expectorates on the estimated losses from the Note 7’s cancellation, It is well known that  Samsung company are trying very hard to defray some of that loss with a push to discount other Samsung devices. You ought to know that Disaffected Note 7 customers are being offered a sum of $100 in other for you to buy a different Samsung product. To make it candid, Anyone who bought either the original Note 7 or one of the replacements will stand a chance to to be given the sum of $100 bill credit on a different Samsung product, or a $25 credit if you want to buy a device from a different manufacturer.

According to the CPSC Chairman in a press conference, Elliot Kaye said Samsung is “doing the right thing,” and encouraged customers to give up their devices.

“It’s not worth risking your safety and the safety of others—at home, at work, on the road, or in the air,” Kaye said in a statement. “No one should ever have to worry that a battery-powered device might put them, their family, or their property at risk.

“If you own a Galaxy Note 7, contact Samsung or your wireless carrier and participate in this recall,” he added. “It’s the right thing to do and the safest thing to do.”

You should know it that getting a refund might be the best option for most people. The Note 7 was an expensive smartphone, and other alternatives like the S7 Edge have been out for a while. you  will now own a smartphone and some extra cash. To those it concerns, do well to return your own although, the choice is just yours.

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