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Facebook Messenger Has Just Accepted PayPal Payments Methods!

You ought to know that initially Brazil withheld $11.7 Million from Facebook for violating court orders, so now the good news is that PayPal are now building their relationship with Facebook, and will now become one of the payment options within Messenger, among other integration. That means customers who shop just with the growing number of chatbots from online merchants will now be able to transact on Messenger using payment service.

In addition, as part of this deal, they said  it will make it easier to link your PayPal account to Facebook and Messenger, and it will roll out support for receiving notifications about PayPal transactions to Messenger users in the U.S, PayPal’s integration with Messenger had been previously announced.




Facebook messenger has really been fun because they also initially launched their  Facebook Messenger’s End to End Encryption for Private Chart which was loved and by so many and appreciated by so many

So Currently based on the reports, Facebook had been better testing payments in Messenger with select developers, and said that it would roll out this capability more broadly by the end of the year. In addition, Messenger payments are not being limited to PayPal  because customers can now transact using their payment info already stored in Facebook and Messenger within the bots.

Meanwhile, the idea of adding this transaction is not only the new feature, they also added another feature that will let you receive notifications about recent PayPal transactions.

Its quite unfortunate that most of us don’t really know how this really work, well i will highlight you on that, PayPal  allows you send money directly to other people via its website or app, much the same way you can use the service for online shopping. It also offers a dedicated site called PayPal Me, which generates personal links you can send to your deadbeat friends so they can transfer money directly to your account.

No limit if you’ve linked your bank account, but $10,000 dollars if you’re paying just with the linked credit card. while None if you’re sending funds from a link bank account, but there’s a 3 percent charge if you use a credit card.


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