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Meet Facebook Messenger’s End to End Encryption for Private Chart

Meet Facebook End-to-end encryption!

Facebook just started an end-to-end encryption for its Messenger app which will make their conversations completely private.

The end-to-end encryption feature which is also called the “Secret Conversations,” will allow Messenger users to send and receive messages with full confidence because with this, there will not be any means of interference.

This newly introduced feature will currently be available just for  few users just to check it out on how it works. You  will now be able to send end-to-end encrypted Secret Conversations through your Messenger app.

Bear it in mind that the rest of the Messenger users will get Secret Conversations feature later based on the report from the company Facebook newsroom post which was published today.

You just have to choose between security and convenience, as the end-to-end encrypted “secret conversations” is an opt-in feature, just like Google’s Allows chat app which provides encrypted chat only for the users who opt for it.

The Messenger’s Secret Conversations employs Signal Protocol which was developed by the non-profit Open Whisper Systems, which was initially used by Facebook in WhatsApp, Google in Allo’s Incognito Mode, and Signal’s standalone app were all used by Edward Snowden.




Reports about end-to-end encryption for Messenger began to rise from last month when Facebook was criticized by many privacy advocates who said that the company didn’t want to turn on end-to-end encryption by default.

However, Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos tweeted that the encryption opt-in feature on Messenger was a “Its just a mall test for now,” with an aim to “get feedback from people about what works best.”

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